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About Us

Its's Simple..

Cloud10 is where all your media dreams and wishes are now available under one roof.

Your convenience is our business. Your creativity is our priority. Your successes are our successes. Truth is... we don’t have clients, we have partners. Together we create content, materialize your creativity and make your dreams come true.

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The CLOUD10 MEDIA team has a unique feel for perception, authenticity and high quality. They are creative individuals with each a unique skill who will ensure that your objective is reached with the right video production. That's what Cloud10 Media stands for. If you want to stand out with your company, event or product, we will make it happen by creating a unique impression. Our specialties are:

* Corporate videos * Instructional videos

* Event registration * Commercials

* Music videos * Documentaries

* TV Productions



CLOUD10 RECORDS is where the rubber hits the road in terms of music production. All the creative skills come to the fore because this is the place where all of your ideas and visions of a music production will be realized. CLOUD10 Records has everything it takes to create a thought into a full song. We go all the way, from conception to release.


CLOUD10 FACILITIES provide an array of diverse facilities for all your meetings. We provide different rooms with various capacities, which can be arranged in multiple settings, both seated as well as standing options. Our facilities include kitchen facilities, music studio, TV studio. Flexibility is our key to your success.


The CLOUD10 EVENTS team creates, plan and execute events that are marked by unique concepts and a clear demographic audience. From entertainment events to business trainings to social related gatherings. As diverse CLOUD10 Events might be, even so the consistency of excellence, punctuality and ultimate creativity are the ever-returning components during each and every event.

ICT & Design

Our CLOUD10 ICT & DESIGN team is an undeniable part of our company-family. We take Cyberspace and the World Wide Web, extremely serious. And against popular opinion, the world wide web is not over populated and not over invented… we at CLOUD10 believe that it has just started. The opportunities are limitless and still much is to be invented, discovered and achieved. ICT is the backbone and the face of every modern day initiative. ICT & Design is what we do.


CLOUD10 is a MARKETING specialist. Our marketing formulas always stems from a thorough research of the market. It is simple yet profound. The objective is always the same: to position our client undeniably in the market, by “demanding” attention. Our marketing strategists do not just launch a noise out there in cyberspace. We seek specifically to draw the attention of the desired market by keen exposure. Once attention is drawn, we tell your story… the rest becomes history.

CLoud10 Radio

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  • Windows Media Player
  • Itunes
  • Real Player



Meet Our Team Members.

Carlton Manuel

Executive Director
Executive Team

Carlton is the Executive Director of Cloud10 and steers the entire support team of Cloud10. Carlton is an entrepreneur with the ability to find solutions in any and every situation. His expertise is answered by the unique events that are organized and supported by Cloud10. Carlton has a pedigree in the Media Sector, particularly TV Productions as well as Movie Productions. Carlton represents a wealth of experience that adds to Cloud10.

Gabriel Smith

Chief Creative Director
Executive Team

Gabriel is the Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder of Cloud10 and takes joy in the creative process of Cloud10 Records. His creative genius is undeniably evident in his role as producer. Not only is he a prolific song writer and producer but also a seasoned artist himself. Gabriel is a tremendous asset to the culture and development of Cloud10. His productions reflect creativity that speaks to the mind, touches the heart and is musically unique. Some of his productions are “Money on you – Featuring Dr. Rum”, Silent Train…

Rachid Wolf

Chief IT Solutions
Support Team

Rachid is the Chief IT Specialist of CLOUD10 support Team. Rachid is Cloud10’s own Graphic Designer, IT Specialist and Telecommunication expert. His entrepreneurial spirit gives his tasks a head start as he hears the assignments from multiple perspectives and creates according. His work speaks for itself; professional, excellent and highly creative. Rachid delivers before deadlines and is extremely valuable to Cloud10.